10 Reasons We Should All Aspire To Be Brooke Davis

Brooke. Freakin’. Davis. (OTH)

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One Tree HillOne Tree Hill

From the day I started watching One Tree Hill, I wanted to be Brooke Davis. Though beautiful and poised, she made her mistakes and had her flaws; to me, she was a role model at an attainable level.

I’ll admit that I still look to this character for life lessons, and when making decisions, I’ll sometimes think to myself, “What would Brooke Davis do?” I think there’s a great deal we can learn from and aspire to when it comes to fictional characters. With that said, I think we should all aspire to be at least a little bit like Brooke Davis, and here is why.

1. She is proof that your past does not define your future.

“High school Brooke” was someone I could identify with well, especially in the last few years. She went through life making choices because they were easy and because she…

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