How Damaged Love Changes You Forever

Damaged… but healing & surviving. Ultimately living.

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Flickr / Mateus LucenaFlickr / Mateus Lucena

Breaking away from a, what’s the medical term they use? Sociopath. I just call it a dangerous, catastrophic, disgusting, chill to your bone, bend in your spine, blood in your mouth type of being, is like peeling away at skin slowly and painfully to expose a wound you’ve been hiding for much longer.

I am using the term ‘breaking up’ very loosely because there was never an official title but we were something of a thing and it was the thing that brought me to my knees every night, begging for a way in. He was charming and beautiful at first. Late night conversations and kisses in my ears made my chest feel light and breathing got seemingly easier. The air cleared and I thought I knew what I wanted; it was a wrap.

He knew what he wanted too and it wasn’t me. And it…

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