25 Things Only City Women Understand

And to think that in a few weeks, literally, ALL of these things will apply to me!! I can’t wait!

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mariavilla    mariavilla

1. Nothing is ever too weird to happen, especially on public transportation. Nudity, urination, vomiting, cursing, couples getting in fights, tears, drunkenness. You name it, we’ve seen it. Occasionally, all at the same time.

2. We’ve learned to sleep through everything, because something is always going on right outside our window. Parades, marathons, drunken fights between BFFs, trains. We have mastered the art of sleeping through anything.

3. Side-stepping a mess on the sidewalk at the very last second is one of our special talents. Whether it’s vomit, a dropped ice cream cone, or a pigeon, we’re always ready to move. To give you a Dwight Schrute reference point, we’re somewhere between a snake and a mongoose… and a panther.

4. When taking out the trash, it is not possible to do it successfully unless you first kick the bin before opening the lid. Because, rats.

5. After countless…

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When You Think About The Girl Your Ex Is Currently Seeing

Seriously though. I could not have said it better myself.

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Jeremy PawlowskiJeremy Pawlowski

You don’t care, not really. He was an asshole and you know you deserve better. You remember all of the awful things that he did to you, but then you remember all of the good parts that made the bad feel worth it. You know your relationship was toxic and that you were lucky to get out when you did.

Then you think about her. Does he treat her the same way he treated you? Or did he learn from the mistakes he made with you and treat her like a princess? What could she possibly see in him? You no longer find him attractive.

You deleted him on Facebook, but your sister told you that he was engaged so you proceed to stalk him. Oh god, he posted the video of their engagement. It was awful. That makes you feel a little better. It was awkward, and…

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