25 Things Only City Women Understand

And to think that in a few weeks, literally, ALL of these things will apply to me!! I can’t wait!

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mariavilla    mariavilla

1. Nothing is ever too weird to happen, especially on public transportation. Nudity, urination, vomiting, cursing, couples getting in fights, tears, drunkenness. You name it, we’ve seen it. Occasionally, all at the same time.

2. We’ve learned to sleep through everything, because something is always going on right outside our window. Parades, marathons, drunken fights between BFFs, trains. We have mastered the art of sleeping through anything.

3. Side-stepping a mess on the sidewalk at the very last second is one of our special talents. Whether it’s vomit, a dropped ice cream cone, or a pigeon, we’re always ready to move. To give you a Dwight Schrute reference point, we’re somewhere between a snake and a mongoose… and a panther.

4. When taking out the trash, it is not possible to do it successfully unless you first kick the bin before opening the lid. Because, rats.

5. After countless…

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When You Think About The Girl Your Ex Is Currently Seeing

Seriously though. I could not have said it better myself.

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Jeremy PawlowskiJeremy Pawlowski

You don’t care, not really. He was an asshole and you know you deserve better. You remember all of the awful things that he did to you, but then you remember all of the good parts that made the bad feel worth it. You know your relationship was toxic and that you were lucky to get out when you did.

Then you think about her. Does he treat her the same way he treated you? Or did he learn from the mistakes he made with you and treat her like a princess? What could she possibly see in him? You no longer find him attractive.

You deleted him on Facebook, but your sister told you that he was engaged so you proceed to stalk him. Oh god, he posted the video of their engagement. It was awful. That makes you feel a little better. It was awkward, and…

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How Damaged Love Changes You Forever

Damaged… but healing & surviving. Ultimately living.

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Flickr / Mateus LucenaFlickr / Mateus Lucena

Breaking away from a, what’s the medical term they use? Sociopath. I just call it a dangerous, catastrophic, disgusting, chill to your bone, bend in your spine, blood in your mouth type of being, is like peeling away at skin slowly and painfully to expose a wound you’ve been hiding for much longer.

I am using the term ‘breaking up’ very loosely because there was never an official title but we were something of a thing and it was the thing that brought me to my knees every night, begging for a way in. He was charming and beautiful at first. Late night conversations and kisses in my ears made my chest feel light and breathing got seemingly easier. The air cleared and I thought I knew what I wanted; it was a wrap.

He knew what he wanted too and it wasn’t me. And it…

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10 Reasons We Should All Aspire To Be Brooke Davis

Brooke. Freakin’. Davis. (OTH)

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One Tree HillOne Tree Hill

From the day I started watching One Tree Hill, I wanted to be Brooke Davis. Though beautiful and poised, she made her mistakes and had her flaws; to me, she was a role model at an attainable level.

I’ll admit that I still look to this character for life lessons, and when making decisions, I’ll sometimes think to myself, “What would Brooke Davis do?” I think there’s a great deal we can learn from and aspire to when it comes to fictional characters. With that said, I think we should all aspire to be at least a little bit like Brooke Davis, and here is why.

1. She is proof that your past does not define your future.

“High school Brooke” was someone I could identify with well, especially in the last few years. She went through life making choices because they were easy and because she…

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50 Terrible, Quick Jokes That’ll Get You A Laugh On Demand

Jokes on Jokes on Jokes

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50 Terrible, Short Jokes That'll Get You A Laugh On Demand

As many of you know, corny jokes that have terrible puns and/or cringe-worthy punchlines some of my favorite things. For example, my Twitter is basically a résumé of the pathetic attempts at humor that people who interact with me daily have to deal with. Here are a couple examples of my bold swings at being funny:

Those nuggets of gold didn’t come out of nowhere, y’all. I love a good joke, especially one that can actually be shared with people when it’s laughs that they seek. The last thing you want is some to say “Tell me a joke,” or to be in a room full of funny…

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i’ll never be IN love with you again. but i’d still like some answers to all the questions that i have.

You’re engaged now. You’re going to be married soon. I always knew this day would come, for the both of us. I just never thought it would come so soon for you. Just barely over a year since we broke up and ended an almost decade long love affair. You’re right. I would have loved to see you one last time. Just to look at you one more time and see that smile that I fell in love with at 15. I would’ve loved to look at you and see you with your fiancé and stick my hand out to introduce myself to you both. Why? Because we don’t know each other anymore. I wonder if you gave her the ring that I had not so subtly picked out that afternoon at Cartier. I bet you did. You had no imagination and I had, and still do, have incredible taste. Three carats, near flawless, cushion cut, set in platinum. I’m in love with someone else now. That, I am, without a doubt, most certain about, but I still have answers. How long have you been with her? Were you with her while you were calling me and telling me that you loved me? Were you two together when I came to visit? When you came to visit? Did she hold you in her arms when you told her about the hell I put you through? Did Reed and Melissa just absolutely dote and fawn over her, like they could’ve/would’ve done with me, given the chance? Does she know that just a month ago, you wrote me, asking to run away with you and marry you? That you asked me the same thing not even 2 months before that? What if I would’ve kept both our children? Would you have stayed? Would you have been a father to them? A husband to me? Did you ever even love me?? When you’d look at me when you were inside me, were you just thinking of someone else? For once, I hope you’re lying. I take a minute comfort in knowing that I know you’ll always still think of me… I know that I will never get the answer to my questions. In a couple of days, you’ll just be another thing that’ll just… disappear. For now, I’m kind of sad.

40 Quotes About Beauty That Will Help You See Yourself Differently

Beauty. Forever & Always.

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8405947770_8661e09f05_hLeanne Surfleet

Once upon a time, not so long ago, beauty was the greatest accomplishment – the only accomplishment! – for women. Their survival was dependent on being passed from their fathers to their husbands for income, for shelter, for life. In 1974, women still needed a husband’s signature to open a credit line, so may we be conscious of the fact that these are not ancient, archaic issues, realities of far-gone, lesser times.

Being objectively beautiful, better than other women, is something that’s so deeply ingrained in our psyches, and it’s only now being rendered obsolete as we (thankfully) change the way we determine “worth.”

The need to be beautiful, the obsession, the compulsion, the overwhelming desire, is rooted in survival, laced with instinct, compounded by consumerism, and associated most with the cosmetics counter.

And so there is a tension, and a disconnect, for the great truth we are subsequently neglecting. So long as we cultivate how we appear, how consumable we are…

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